Photo Name Title Email Phone Website
Albedyll, Jeff Albedyll, Jeff Custodian Email 608.764.5431
Alexander, Sara Alexander, Sara Kindergarten Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5128 Website
Andersen, Heidi Andersen, Heidi Paraprofessional Email 608.764.5442 Website
Appleton, Jeanne Appleton, Jeanne Occupational Therapist Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5114 Website
Arriola, Helen Arriola, Helen ES Special Education Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5121 Website
Barber, Diana Barber, Diana Middle School Math Email 608.764.5431 ext. 4108 Website
Beal, Stephanie Beal, Stephanie ES Special Education Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5244 Website
Beszhak, Nancy Beszhak, Nancy Library Media Specialist Email 608.764.5442 Website
Brattlie, Kate Brattlie, Kate ES Secretary Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5200
Brattlie, Nicholas Brattlie, Nicholas MS/HS Tech Ed. and Agriculture Email 608.764.5431 ext. 1134 Website
Brown, Nathan Brown, Nathan School Board Treasurer Email 608.444.3419
Bushman, Joanne Bushman, Joanne MS/HS Secretary Email 608.764.5431 ext. 3300
Callahan, Barb Callahan, Barb Director of Pupil Services Email 608.764.5431 ext. 4118 Website
Cantieri, Rachel Cantieri, Rachel Middle School Language Arts, Student Council Advisor Email 608.764.5431 ext. 4103 Website
Cerniglia, Molly Cerniglia, Molly Sixth Grade Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5247 Website
Christianson, Andrew Christianson, Andrew Sixth Grade Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5248 Website
Chua, Larry Chua, Larry Custodian Email 608.764.5442
Chua, Pat Chua, Pat Kindergarten Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5125 Website
Clements, Kate Clements, Kate Middle School Social Studies Email 608.764.5431 Website
Cole, Wendy Cole, Wendy Paraprofessional Email 608.764.5442
  Copeland, Jessica Paraprofessional Email
Dahl, Cari Dahl, Cari ES Nutrition Services Email 608.764.5431 ext. 3159
Dunnington, Adam Dunnington, Adam Nutrition Services Manager Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5110 Website
Eglite, Rachel Eglite, Rachel Sixth Grade Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5250 Website
Ferguson, Maria Ferguson, Maria MS/HS Secretary Email 608.764.5431 ext. 3301
Fischer, Sandy Fischer, Sandy School Board Member Email 608.764.8184
Fisher, Angela Fisher, Angela Paraprofessional Email 608.764.5442
Fleming, Jill Fleming, Jill Curriculum Coordinator/GATE Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5209 Website
Frame, Melissa Frame, Melissa School Board Member Email 608.335.2272
Frana, Tara Frana, Tara MS/HS Alternative Ed. Coordinator/Youth Apprenticeship/STC Email 608.764.5431 ext. 2100 Website
Frey, Karen Frey, Karen MS/HS Special Education, GSA Club Advisor Email 608.764.5431 ext. 1100 Website
Fuerstenberg, Sharyl Fuerstenberg, Sharyl Third Grade Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5233 Website
George, Tamara George, Tamara MS/HS Family and Consumer Sciences, Student Council Advisor Email 608.764.5431 ext. 2115 Website
Gloede, Stacy Gloede, Stacy HS Special Education/Transition Coordinator, Club Unify Advisor Email 608.764.5431 ext. 1102 Website
Gosdeck, Kayla Gosdeck, Kayla First Grade Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5214 Website
Gretebeck, Hannah Gretebeck, Hannah HS English Email 608.764.5431 ext. 1120 Website
Haag, Angie Haag, Angie District Administrative Assistant Email 608.764.5431 ext. 1148
Haak, Jim Haak, Jim School Board President Email 608.712.7915
Halverson, Allison Halverson, Allison ES Special Education Email 608.764.5442 ext.5245 Website
Hansen, Kimberly Hansen, Kimberly Fourth Grade Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5222 Website
Hawkinson, Michelle Hawkinson, Michelle MS Special Education Email 608.764.5431 ext. 4110 Website
Heckendorf, Allison Heckendorf, Allison HS Science Email 608.764.5431 ext. 1112 Website
Helminiak, Wendy Helminiak, Wendy Payroll/Benefits/HR Email 608.764.5431 ext. 1147 Website
Henke, Tammi Henke, Tammi ES Art Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5134 Website
Higgs, Lori Higgs, Lori Paraprofessional Email 608.764.5431
Hinrichs, John Hinrichs, John Buildings & Grounds Supervisor Email 608.764.5431 ext. 3178 Website
Hornickel, Kyle Hornickel, Kyle MS/HS Guidance Counselor Email 608.764.5431 ext. 3222 Website
Howe, Anthony Howe, Anthony HS Math Email 608.764.5431 ext. 1114 Website
Hruby, Aime Hruby, Aime Elementary School Counselor Email 608.764.5442 ext. 5209 Website
Hruby, Nathan Hruby, Nathan Technology Coordinator Email 608.764.5431 ext. 1117 Website